We work with nonprofits, government agencies & community initiatives in Hawaii and the Pacific.

We bring a strengths-focused approach to organizational development, to increase effectiveness, advance communities, and realize preferred futures.

These days, organizational leaders like you face the challenge of responding to a rapidly changing environment, while keeping the organization on-course to realizing its vision. You also know that organizations (nonprofits, public agencies, and community alliances) are capable of great things. That is why you joined with them in the first place.

Learning from and building upon your organization's strengths could have the greatest impact ever upon your overall organizational effectiveness. These strengths are the assets that ensure organizational effectiveness through the greatest environmental challenges.

Since 1997, Advancement Services for Native Nonprofits has worked with organizations and communities to clarify their course towards a preferred future, and to build the capacity of stakeholders to adapt to environmental changes. We welcome wholeheartedly the opportunity to work with you ... advancing communities through highly effective organizations.

Our logo of three ipu with unique designs symbolizes the focus of our professional services:

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