Is This You?

You want to ensure that you're reaching the community's optimal future. You and your colleagues are very skilled in your individual work - you're the right people for the job - but sometimes you're not certain how effectively the organization advances community aspirations on a grand scale.

Perhaps you get so caught up in daily tasks, you haven't clarified the "big picture" lately to connect your daily contributions to community hopes for tomorrow. Or, maybe you articulated the big picture, but you haven't developed the framework that connects your programs with your mission for overall organizational accountability.

You want to sustain innovative responses in a changing environment. When you plan or manage your programs, you know they must be responsive to the community situation and be an efficient use of your limited resources. You also know that efficient work across all your programs will enhance your sustainability and increase your appeal to funders.

However, after applying fixes to problems in your organizational systems, nothing seems to be having the right response. You're ready for a more efficient process, so that you may put your attention towards capitalizing on new opportunities.

You want to tap into your team's greatest potential. You have a clear vision and you work from a useful strategic plan. Your mission has personal meaning for everyone at the organization, and they all want to give their peak performance.

But you know your staff, your volunteers, or your stakeholders are capable of much more. You know the passion and dedication is there, but something hinders the team from being greater than the sum of its parts. You know how critical this is, because for the organization to be at its best - and realize the optimal future - you need its people and teams at their best.

Our Clients

All of our clients are organizations of social good, such as:

We have worked with clients from a wide variety of sectors, including community development, faith-based, education, human services, historical and cultural preservation, natural resource management, community associations, and others. What they all have in common is the ultimate outcome: To heighten their effectiveness in meeting their mission and advancing the community.

Quite often clients will engage us for multiple projects, once they have experienced the results in our initial work together. Here are a few examples of client projects over the years:

The Ideal Client

The clients that have greatest success with our services:

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